Real earnings from $ 3,500 on roulette


Now I’ll tell you how you can earn on roulette CS:GO !
In General shorten the path to the first earnings!
All we need is to have is skins an estimated worth of 100$
I have reviewed a lot of tapes, a day watched the games, what say you?! We also spend a lot of time on the roulette.
But guys!Watch this roulette CSGO.MBA there from 10 games, 9 wins times the biggest bet as well on math! Turn on your minds!The average game is 30$, this is what happens?
And the result is the following, if we play 10 times our bet the maximum, for example 100$, hardly anyone put above. We win 9 games X 30$ = 270$ and lose$100
So I earned 3500$ skins for 4 days, anyone interested can show, now buy a car soon and will definitely be back! Guys do not recommend to use this way all day, so the administration of the site did not notice the bug. Otherwise it will cover.
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