Selling Jackpot gambling website! With BOT + ADMIN PANEL


CS:GO Is a game with a huge skin market. I am offering a jackpot website with many features and great for making money.
Here is a list of things it includes + pictures and a DEMO. Add me on discord: Snowflakes#8910 To purchase or get some more information.


The price is: 200$ - 250$

Here is everything it includes:

  • Jackpot website (With customizable Max Items, Max deposit & more)

  • Custom colors + design

  • Logo, twitter banner and twitter logo.

  • Premium user system

  • Mod, admin and owner ranks

  • Mute and ban commands

  • Easy to use profile system (where you can choose, if you wanna have a public or private profile)

  • Admin panel with:

  1. Moderator Section
    Game List | Top Users | Banned Users | Muted Users | IP Bans | Search User

  2. Administrator Section
    Premium Users | Unsent Offers

  3. Owner Section
    Rake Skins | Jackpot Settings | Maintenance mode

· Provably fair system (That even tells you what exact skin made the winning user win the game)
· Custom tax (With a easy to use rake system for withdrawals)
· TOS Page
· History page
· Your history page
· (NEW!) Weekly leaderboards with 3 different categories (Luckiest winners, Most amount won and most skins won)
· 1 Bot (You can change every detail such as password and username for it)


You have 2 days to tell us your preffered design.
Quick last note: It includes domain
We offer 1 month free web hosting: After that you need to pay 5-10 dollars every month for hosting.> Preformatted text