Some of the Top CS:GO DPI Settings (used by pros; article I wrote)


Hey everyone. This is another article I wrote regarding DPI and other related settings. I’ve also defined some key terms, if you will, in the intro, in case you’re wondering what DPI ,eDPI, in-game sens are or rather how they interact with one another.

I am fairly new to this topic since I’ve been fairly comfortable with my setup so far, but if you have any suggestions about the article, writing content, or what DPI means/signifies, feel free to share your comments below.

If I’m not mistaken, while eDPI is arguably your true sensitivity, DPI acts as a base whereas the in-game sens acts as a multiplier or amplifier. In fact, when you multiply these two, you get your eDPI. And if you’re unaware, DPI is your mouse’s sensitivity compared to your in-game sens. But, if I am wrong about any of these things, please let me know.

I should also probably mention that having a high DPI but low iGS versus a low DPI but high iGS produces two very different outcomes. Usually, both together aren’t high or low since it’s on one extreme end of the spectrum and vice versa (e.g. sens way too high or low). Instead of just analyzing it though, I suggest you test both variations out unless you’re happy with your overall sensitivity already.

This is not mentioned in the article, but for the ideal sensitivity, you should also keep in mind the mice you’re using along with its texture and the grip you’re using. Although they don’t affect your sens directly, they can have an impact indirectly. For example, some people prefer plastic over rubber side grips on their mouse so it doesn’t have that gummy feel over time. Others might prefer the rubber texture because it feels more comfortable when they rest their thumb. Just food for thought.

I apologize if it’s a lot to take in, but thanks for taking the time to read my introduction here xD. If you’re interested in reading the article (Gamersdecide), it’s listed here as well. Have a good day.