Summer Season I CS:GO Tournaments


Welcome ! We are a group of people who, with the support of those who follow us or will follow us, would like to build a large community, concerning the world of video games. Our Live are irregular, but we always try to offer a MIX between professionalism and fun !

The N.C.D. had the idea of ​​creating SEASONS for all CS:GO tournaments and based on your feedback we have also updated the prizes as well as expanded the winners’ podium !

The prices are affordable and the prizes are fantastic, we are talking about AWP Hyper Beast - SG 553 Cyrex and much more ! For just a few euros you can sign up and / or join the tournament & the association we are affiliated with, i.e. IcG (Italia che Gioca)

Furthermore, the N.C.D. has started a training course for CS:GO where everyone can participate!

The course will allow you to learn the following qualities:

  • Best AIM
  • Better reflexes
  • Mindset
    …and much much more !

For more information on tournaments and the Academy or if you need help do not hesitate to contact us, we are always available on our Discord channel:

And have a nice day !! :steamhappy: