Team Looking +1 LAN (i56)


Source: DAT UK SCENE Facebook Group

Hi guys!

My team is looking for a +1 to LAN i-56. We’re aiming to do relatively well as we’ve given a few frights to some big UK teams and we’re looking to keep that up at LAN. If you’d like to apply, please make sure that:

  1. You’re very active (able to play most nights please :))
  2. You’re either a rifler/support/lurker
  3. You’re 100% dedicated to going to i-56 (tickets have already been bought by us as well as hotels etc, so we’d expect you to follow suit)
  4. You’re up for a lot of time learning / praccing strats and reviewing demos etc.
  5. You would at least consider yourself good enough to get out of groups at Insomnia. Hit me up on here or on my steam below if you’d like to apply

Contact Steam Profile:


Added you on Steam, my own team I’m player/manager of is unable to attend, I’ve attend ever BYOC event in the UK this year, played in all apart from Epic 16! So if you need someone to step in, i’ll be happy to.




add us on steam "" if your pretty good on lan.


Did you find a team?