The AFK detection could use some work


So this has been a complaint of mine since I started playing. I am still relatively new to CSGO, only been playing a few months, but man oh man is this annoying. A lot of times I will get kicked and forced into a cooldown. There are times when someone asked to be kicked and once the round is over, again another cooldown. I feel like this system could use some work. I was hoping with the latest update, it would be fixed but it doesn’t appear to be. On top of this, the minimum seems to be an hour cooldown. That is WAY too long.

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Yup! I agree with this completely. There have been times when I would be gone maybe 30 seconds and get booted. Other times, players on my team (non-ranked) will go AFK for the entire round and not be kicked. It needs some work and I hope they fix it.

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I noticed this getting worse but I am not sure they have done anything to fix it. I am hoping they do. I know the game is “old” and has been around for a long time but they should still be able to fix issues like this very easily.