Top 5 ONE WAY smokes on Dust2 that you will ACTUALLY use


Thanks for the vid. For the first 1, I think it’s good so as long as you know an AWPer’s not there (if it has a slight gap). For the second one, it’s pretty amazing how you can see them and they can’t see you (as much), perhaps like the first one. For 3-5, it’s the same concept. I appreciate how players who throw the smokes can now take more advantage of their own gaps instead of the enemy, partly thanks to your tutorial and similar ones.

Some food for thought is to sometimes wide peak your own smoke, perhaps within the first second or 2 so to throw off your enemy or wait a little until you’ve sort of gain their trust as they think you will not peak out just yet. So many times I’d argue when we see smoke we’re used to waiting it out, but you can also do certain things with it to disrupt their timing. Of course this would be a few times or even once per match, as the more you do it, the more aware of it they become.

Overall, nice tutorial.