VoucHGaming 5v5 Prize tournament


VoucH Gaming Community Servers

Matches will be streamed at Twitch.tv/VoucHGaming


The tournament is best of 16 single elimination until the semifinals and finals which are BO3

Teams must be signed up on http://challonge.com/
Teams must sign up for the tournament and have Checked in on the website one hour prior to the match start
Teams must have ALL players listed (Max 7) that are playing for the team on the description of the team with there Steam ID next to there IGN. ( or registered and added to the team on Challonge.com )
Team leaders must be designated and properly shown in the description of the team when signing up
Team leaders will be added by a VoucHGaming Staff Member, then invited ~5 minutes prior to match start.
Teams agree to tournament rules listed here - http://vouchgaming.forumotion.com/t15-5v5-tournament-official-rulings-reference-this#16
Sign up here:http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/uoDkhpzhay

VoucHGaming’s next tournament : 3/12

This tournament is free
Tournament Prizes: (All prizes are based off tournament participation numbers )
1st Place: $25 - $75 Special Victor tag
2ed Place: $10 - $50 One month VIP
3rd Place: One month VIP for all members on all VoucH Community Servers