Vultrx Network | CS:GO Administrator Position

CS:GO Administrator Position

(not much experience needed, just a lot of motivation learn this practice!)


Vultrx Network is a 1v1 practice server. Currently we are in need of 1 to 2 admins to take up the responsibilities of managing/maintaining the server, forum, & social media. Start a new journey with Vultrx & build new experience, friends, & relationships with our company. Start by applying today!


Our Administrators will have to work as a team. The administrator position aids on support tickets, maintains the forum (Updates, Members, Posts, ETC.), manages social media, & actively participates on our servers. You will also be responsible for contacting your superior in case a server is shutdown, a conflict larger then you occurs, or something drastic happens. On Vultrx, there are opportunities for promotion as you will see when you are hired. You will also be required to know the basic commands. This job doesn't require a lot of experience, just common sense.


Your duties will consist of making sure all servers are online & in functional working condition. You will also be responsible for managing the forum, social media, & servers. Throughout your journey you will most likely encounter a problem higher then your abilities to manage. In that case you will have to contact your superior or manage. Knowing most of the commands on the server is also required to doing a little bit of research on plugins will help you in the long run.



Our community is just starting to grow so applying now is your best chance at becoming a member of staff.