What do you think CS:GO needs in the game?


What do you think they can add to the game to improve it or make it more enjoyable for you?

I feel like they are due for some new maps. Another thing that would be good is a regional queue and locked regional queue option. This way you have the option to play in a specific location similar to how you can on other FPS games (CoD for example).

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The region option is a fantastic idea. I feel like this should have been in the game from the start because it would help combat areas where we typically see a lot of hackers coming through the networks. That, and if you are in your own zone, you are able to find more stable match-ups.


I think that the mapping and weapons are the most fantastic things in CSGO. I feel a player should be inactive from the initial level of the game because each level demands a new kind of strategy to play.


I would like 128 tick servers, not a big difference imo, but a difference nevertheless. But yes, not just saying it, but definitely new maps, at least 2 more. I understand they have 7-8 maps, but unfortunately the reality of it turns into a smaller group from now 2-4 because of people choosing the same maps over again, such as Mirage, Dust 2, Inferno, from my experience. I honestly wouldn’t mind if it was randomly generated so that way we wouldn’t get dust 2 all the time for example.


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