What is the best mouse for cs:go?


What mouse would you suggest as the best and why?


Im a massive fan of the Zowie range, especially the Zowie FK1, however I have trackings issues with the Steelseries QCK+ Heavy (Black) when I attempt drag shots… Although my sens is ridic low! (1.3 400dpi)


same with mine, I thought it was something to do with a faulty mouse. I have a rival now which apparently uses the same sensor but i have no problems.


@zinc I really like the shape of my FK1, how does the rival stack up? If its not too different, I would be tempted to give it a whirl!

Im also thinking maybe I just get another QCK+ (or clean mine, not sure how to properly) as I think its where its been worn down, and has some dirt on it thats not really helping. :weary:


I have myself a razer deathadder !


@mAson I can’t fault the Rival tbh, the quality is on par with zowie products if not a little better imo.

Good set of drivers and configuration (if you do that sort of stuff)

Works great with SS quick heavy mousepad

size wise though it’s bigger, more of a DA feel so takes some getting used to obviously depending how long you have used zowie.

I got a dirt cheap deal at pcworld (i know dirty shop) but they were stupidly selling a rival with headset and QCK hvy for £25… but selling the components separately for 40+, it’s worth a gander.


I’m also a big Zowie fan. You can’t go wrong with them, imo


I use a Steelseries Rival. Great mouse.


Im playing my logitech mx 518. Bought it 9 years ago. Still the best… for me.
I hate the fit of the razers.


Its all about personal preference, e.g my mouse is the razor deathadder 3.5g 3500dpi. Just find one that fits your hand well and you find comfortable using.


I used to love my MX518! I cant remember why I stopped using it, although I think it just broke :sob:


Does anyone have any experience with OZone as a brand? They have some nice mice: http://www.ozonegaming.com/category/mice/ but not come accross anyone who has actually used their gear.

Seems reasonable pricing to which is always good!

This one: http://www.ozonegaming.com/product/neon/ is basically an MS IntelliMouse 3.0 by the look of things <3


Its all about the Razer for me :smile:


Anyone had any experience with this: http://www.finalmouse.com/ ?


random bump but thought I would mention i’m now back to my SteelSeries Rival


I use Steelseries Rival and this is one of the best and comfortable mouse, Even get one of the best Pics of the mouses here. I also a massive fan of the Zowie range.


Trackpad definitely XD


I tried lots of 'em, but Zowie FK1 is still my number one. I think you can buy any of them if you won’t find this exact model