What is your rank?


Tell me what is your rank ! Im LEM


Im LEM its depressing lol


Yeah i feel you so mucherino


Global. So much rage at the top lulz


LE. This ranking System is fucking me up. 10 wins in a row and then just one loss and im dmg again. Russia i hate u for that :grin:


If everyone on the planet played this game… I’d be ranked at 7 billion!

I’m rubbish. This is my firt game since the very first counter strike back in the day. Except now I’m an adult so don’t have 14 hours a day all summer to practice games!


LEM here too. Thinking of it as a hare and tortoise race. If I keep practising, I’ll be the top guy in 2050…when nobody else is playing any more. haha


global supreme guardian master elite silver eagle

(mg1 :frowning:)


Im stuck in LEM Hell…


Le im from ocidental europe and i still get russians


I reached LE on quite shitty PC. I hope that Santa will give me new PC for Christmas :j



Just got demoted. My world is now smaller. :frowning: